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Osteoporosis in Portugal May 23, 2008

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Between the 7th and 14th of may, I had the pleasure to visit the great Portugal. During my vacation I visited the city of Cascais that is situated right next to the Atlantic Ocean. As all good travelers do, I spent most of my time on the beach just lying around, getting a decent suntan, when I noticed the following sign and machine. It looks as if someone took the gym and put it right on the beach where the weather is better than inside and there is much more sunshine. What is interesting about this machine, is that it is not supposed to help you build great quantities of muscle, but it is a tool for preventing osteoporosis. And there are several of these per mile, and all of them work in a different way. I found the fact that they provide a decent length of information and some graphics quite ingenious, though I could not read it myself. So the question that popped into my head was: who started this, and why?

The good old Internet gave me the answer to that one as well. Here is an excerpt from a study that was featured in the 2001 September issue of the Bone.

OP is a serious public health problem in Portugal with very high human costs (mortality, morbility, disability) and social and economic costs, with a clear tendency to worsen significantly in the future. This justifies the implementation of preventive measures and the planning of adequate care.

And here are the numbers for Portugal for 1989:

Incidence of proximal femoral fracture (PFF) was 297 per 100,000 female inhabitants and 136 per 100,000 male inhabiatnts over 50 years of age.

This is a clever way to educate about and persuade people to do more for their health. I wonder how successful they are. If anybody knows, please share!

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– Andras


Back to Business March 25, 2008

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Dear Readers!
I have just returned from my annual winter holiday, and I am thrilled to see that TomographyBlog.com is going strong, while the number of feeders and visitors increasing steadily. What really made me happy this past 24 hours is that our blog came up to number 245 on the MedBlog.nl list of 100 English Medical Blogs from 543. So, back to what I was telling you earlier; I spent a couple days in a beautiful ski paradise called Saint-Gervais which is located just a couple miles away from the Mont Blanc. The bus trip was tantalizing, lasting 22 hours one way, but it took us through the fruitful valleys of Italy and the luxuriousness of Geneve, so in the end we were sleep deprived but our hearts were filled with great experience. Generally, the weather was very warm except above 1500 meters. The last day we got about 1 meter of fresh snow, that put our skills to the test. Now, I am back, no broken bones or twisted joints (I know you would love to see some x-rays:) ), and I am ready to get back to this blogging business. Unfortunately, Imre and I have our hands full with an Opthalmology oral exam this week, but don’t worry, posts are on the way! Until then, here is a photo for you that I took on a mountain peak called Aig. De Roselette (Elevation of 2384m) in the commune of Les Contamines.


– Andras