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The Fantastic Human Body November 25, 2008

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In light of the recent Bodies exhibition I saw in Budapest, Hungary, and the latest edition of the Saw series, I warmly welcomed a recent post on Mediq about a Thai artist , Kittiwat Unarrom, who literally bakes human body parts from good-old-fashioned bread. I believe this picture describes it best:

Body Bakery 2

Further reading:

– Andras


Röntgen Etchings November 1, 2008

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We start off November with Art! Allow me to introduce you Ben Kruisdijk, a dutch contemporary artists. He creates röntgen etchings which are made by etching a new image into the existing röntgen photo, therefore we call them röntgen etchings.

Check out the rest of his work:

– Andras

As a result of our involvement, the world has mainly evolved into something abstract.
It’s existence has come forth through the sum of the past, the things that have taken place (the factual) and the things that haven’t taken place (the fictional). – Ben Kruisdijk

Radiology is Art! August 8, 2008

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Art is about visual sensation. Radiology is a visual area of medicine, but could it be artistic? Wim Delvoye thinks so! He is a Belgian artist, who uses X-ray imaging technique to redefine Gothic Art. Just an example of his work:

Check out the rest of his work in this area of Art:

– Andras