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András Székely

The first sentence I learned in English was: “Hello, my name is András Székely!” 🙂 And this is my story so far:

I was born in the city of Miskolc, on the 21st of May, 1982. I spent most of my life in a little city called Szerencs, which is on the North-East part of Hungary with a population over 10,000. Between 1998-2002 I studied and worked in the United States, and then moved back to Hungary to start medical school. Ever since my arrival back to this country, I have been living in a small village named Rátka, which is right next to Szerencs.

I enjoy reading science fiction, and horror stories, watching the same type of movies, taking part in as many sport activities as I possible can. I regularly play tennis, do archery, and ride my bike, and I also like to hike or even go rock climbing! Every year, on about two to three occasions I get a group of 4-5 people together to complete a marathon together, which is a great team building exercise in my opinion.


Picture: In the PET/CT Center with Imi. (Courtesy of PET/CT Ltd. Hungary)

I entered medical school with Radiology on my mind, but half way there, I found my interest anchor in the fascinating world of nuclear medicine, and I have stuck with it ever since. I believe that the future of medicine lies in prevention and early detection of diseases or ill states, and nuclear medicine satisfies the latter completely, while we can leave prevention to G.P.’s and internal medicine specialists.

Certainly, preventive acts and early detection requires discipline and financial contribution from patients, but a healthy life is by all means priceless, and worthwhile. So eat your apple a day, and exercise 30 minutes 🙂 !


Picture: Figuring out the intricacies of the PET/CT diagnostic program. (Courtesy of PET/CT Ltd. Hungary)

My student research project focuses on studying the peristaltic patterns of megaureters in children with gamma camera. This information could be used to determine who should be operated on, since not all megaureters need to be treated surgically. Then, I am also interested in finding new means to help students learn nuclear medicine with the help of WEB 2.0. This website is the experimental grounds to that.

More about me: www.myspace.com/szekely or find me on Facebook via my email that is andras.szekely (at) gmail.com

András Székely's VisualCV



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3. www.iradix.in - July 29, 2008

hi András Székely, I must say you have wonderful website on Radiology. I have gone through most of the pages of this blogs & found lot of information helpful to the young Radiologists.

All imaging professional should visit this blog regularly.

We know how much it is difficult and time consuming to surf on the internet and extract information for the visitors.

András , we (core team of iradix consisting radiologists from all over the World) also providing one universal platform to all Radiologists at http://www.iradix.in

I am glad to tell you that iradix is now one of the fastest growing online community of Radiologists with more than 1625 active members.

I would appreciate if you add http://www.iradix.in in your BLOGROLL list.

Thanking you..
Mark Skier, MD

*Let me know if I can do anything for you in return.

4. nancy wilson - December 11, 2008

hello….i understand my grandfathers name is Andras….he has past away…..what is the english translation for this name? is there a website that i can go to , to check other name translations?

5. tomography - December 11, 2008

Hi Nancy,
the English translation of András is Andrew. András as I known means “brave” in Greek. I do not know any website where you could check the meaning of given names, but if I do come across any, I will let you know. Was your grandfather Hungarian, or European?

6. Borza Jozsef - October 29, 2009

Hello Andras,

I ran up on your blog after my search for info on ALS and reviewing my CT scan result films.

I happen to be Hungarian, a ’56-er living in the US for the past fifty some years. I just thought I drop a “Hello” and see if your blog is still alive.

My interests are in “WorPress” blog development also. Not good at it Just learning it.

Until I here from you?


tomography - December 24, 2009

Helló Jozsef!
How can I help you?


7. rakardo - November 3, 2009

I am glad to tell you that iradix is now one of the fastest growing online community of Radiologists with more than 1625 active members. rapidshare file search

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