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TomographyBlog.com, is updated by dr.  András Székely, a Hungarian nuclear medicine resident.

E-mail the authors:

E-mail us if you have anything to say about our posts whether it is positive or negative, all feeback are welcome.

Purpose of this Website:

This website was created for educational and entertainment purposes. It is however not to replace any advice or information from a health professional, but it is merely complementing it.

Personal information:

We do not collect, nor share any of your private information (such as name, email, medical data, or origin of blog access) with any third parties.


All posts are dated, and the latest post appears on the top of the “home” page of this blog.

Disclosure of funding sources:

The authors are the owners of this website, and they receive no funding for their work or for maintaining this website. Blog is hosted free of charge by WordPress.com.


There is no advertising on this blog.

Last updated: 24th of December, 2009



1. west - February 1, 2009

How an MRI machine operates and produces images. A school projects were to look for information.thank you West

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