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Top 10 Trends in Mobile Medical Technology July 2, 2010

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Tablet PCs, smart phones in healthcare? Detecting airborn toxins with your cell phones? Mobile reference guides for doctors and medical students? Is this just the future or is it happening now? NursingSchools.net has posted an article about trends in mobile medical technology that I found worth sharing with you.

From shrinking computers to powerful smartphones, mobile technology has also had an amazing impact on the medical field, and it’s revolutionized the way medical professionals work, from world-class hospitals down to nursing schools. Here are 10 trends in mobile medical technology that are rewriting the rulebooks.

No doubt mobile technology is not only changing the way we live our lives, but it also changes our perspective on medical information. I, as a resident doctor, on many occasions find myself browsing for medical information such as medicine side effects between seeing two patients at the Internal Medicine Department of the hospital I am in.