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Alzheimer World Day September 27, 2007

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2007. september 20th, Thursday, was the offical world day for Alzheimer’s Disease (A.D). According to researchers, by the year 2050 there will be more than 100 000 000 people living with this illness all around the globe. The same study points out that the most significant increase can be expected in Asia. This region already gives 50% of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s (Medical-Tribune.hu). Here is a collection of websites , where you can find out more about this severe and irreversible disease:

You will find a very detailed summary here including risk factors, histology, and treatment options:

The Alzheimer’s Association’s website is aimed at patients and family, where they can find all the necessary information including the latest scientific discoveries, support groups, and upcoming events.

Take this fascinating Brain tour and go deep inside the human brain to find out the very origins of A.D.:

Here You will find an interesting slide show presentation titled “Descent Into Alzheimer’s,” that speaks about this illness through the language of Art.

Here are some high resolution images related to this disease:

Portrait of an Alzheimer’s patient:


A recent discovery can help in the early diagnosis of patients, which in turn can lead to more successful treatment. Click on the image below to read more. (http://www.neuro.fsu.edu/faculty/fadool/petscan.jpg).

am_ta.gifImages in the upper row are representative PET examples performed in an Alzheimer’s diasease patient. Those in the bottom row are from the control subject. These transaxial images were taken at the level of the hippocampus, and they show:

  1. decreased glucose metabolic rate in the temporal lobe (middle collumn)
  2. significantly decreased serotonin 1A receptor density as a result of cell loss (right collumn)
  3. increased presence of plaques and neurofibrillary tangles (left collumn)