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Back to Business March 25, 2008

Posted by tomography in Vacation.
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Dear Readers!
I have just returned from my annual winter holiday, and I am thrilled to see that TomographyBlog.com is going strong, while the number of feeders and visitors increasing steadily. What really made me happy this past 24 hours is that our blog came up to number 245 on the MedBlog.nl list of 100 English Medical Blogs from 543. So, back to what I was telling you earlier; I spent a couple days in a beautiful ski paradise called Saint-Gervais which is located just a couple miles away from the Mont Blanc. The bus trip was tantalizing, lasting 22 hours one way, but it took us through the fruitful valleys of Italy and the luxuriousness of Geneve, so in the end we were sleep deprived but our hearts were filled with great experience. Generally, the weather was very warm except above 1500 meters. The last day we got about 1 meter of fresh snow, that put our skills to the test. Now, I am back, no broken bones or twisted joints (I know you would love to see some x-rays:) ), and I am ready to get back to this blogging business. Unfortunately, Imre and I have our hands full with an Opthalmology oral exam this week, but don’t worry, posts are on the way! Until then, here is a photo for you that I took on a mountain peak called Aig. De Roselette (Elevation of 2384m) in the commune of Les Contamines.


– Andras



1. Quick Medical - Medical & Hospital Supplies - March 28, 2008

Great picture. Not that this is really related to medical supplies per se, but I was skiing in Switzerland and Austria a couple months ago. Would love to go back now! You can see some pictures at http://www.mackieimages.com. Now back to work!

2. tomography - March 30, 2008

thank you for your comment. Yeah, Europe is great for skiing! I have not had the chance to ski in the countries that you mentioned, but I can highly recommend France to you as I have been there a couple times and accommodation and snow depth are always excellent. Though, it does help a lot, if you speak French. I don’t :(!
– Andras

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