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GE releases its latest pre-clinical CT scanner August 9, 2008

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eXplore CT 120

There has been some words on fast spinning CT scanners on this blog recently, so if you saw those videos and image that GE’s latest pre-clinical CT scanner is able to capture images of the hearth beating as high as 600 bpm, you probably have a hard time imaging what is going on inside this beast! Pre-clinical diagnostic imaging machines are for testing new molecules, drugs and procedures on animals before they are tested on humans. GE has just come out with its latest installment: the eXplore CT 120. It features ECG and respiratory gated cardiac imaging, improved soft-tissue contrast and overall image quality, and “compatibility throughout the eXplore series of imaging systems for seamless PET and SPECT co-registration.” For breathtaking images, visit the official GE website.

– Andras