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Case # 1 April 1, 2008

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A 62 year-old female was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005 (adenocarcinoma, Dukes-B1). The localized tumor was removed along with 3 lymph nodes that were negative on histological inspection. Her tumor markers have been within the normal range ever since the operation, and she does not have any symptoms that would indicate progression of disease. She has been referred to the Nuclear Medicine Department for a bone scan by her oncologist. 649 MBq Tc-99m-Methylene Diphosphonate was administered intravenously and the following scan was obtained:


(Click on image to view full scale.)

What can you see on this image?

This case was sent to us by Lajos Szabados M.D., from the Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center Dept. of Nuclear Medicine.

– Andras