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How to turn your computer screen into an X-ray viewer? February 28, 2008

Posted by tomography in Radiology, X-ray.

Traditional silver-nitrate films are getting obsolete as imaging turns toward digital technologies. PET, CT, MRI technologies work solely on digital media, and in Imre’s last post you could read about X-ray going digital as well. Although they are relatively more expensive and require a lot of storage space, films still got their advantages. They are easy for patients to carry from one doctor to another, and there is no need to keep them on a hard drive. What to do if your medical office is so modern that you do not keep an X-ray viewer anymore?
Well, turn your CRT or TFT into your very own portable x-ray viewer!

How? Check out this page where you can find out all the details! And if want to get real creative, you can add colors as well. Have fun!

– Andras

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1. Radiology Dictionary - March 6, 2008

Great article, it is a digital world.

2. tomography - March 6, 2008

Thank You!
Indeed, we are living in a(n) (over)digitalized world! I just checked your site, and I found it to be very useful. I will write a post on it soon! Until then, keep up the good work.

3. Miranda Jett - March 20, 2008

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Miranda Jett
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4. x ray viewer - June 3, 2008

[…] very own portable x-ray viewer! How? Check out this page where you can find out all the details! …http://tomographyblog.com/2008/02/28/how-to-turn-your-computer-screen-into-an-x-ray-viewer/X-Ray Viewers, Desk, Wall, Recessed Models Star X-Ray Company, TPC …Star Xray Company X-ray Film […]

5. Joshua - July 4, 2008

locking for a lowcost or free crt x-ray viwer for private use.
Wanna to lock at my cd with *.pax pics x-rays-
Thank you .

Josh sven

6. sharifi - May 23, 2010

ha hah ha
so nice

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