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Work Your Magic February 12, 2008

Posted by tomography in Off Topic, Vector graphics.
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Vector images (not Vexel) have revolutionized computer graphics because they are so versatile, easy to use, and because they can be scaled without loss of image quality! Vector images are not made up of pixels, but they are mathematical representations of an image, therefor they can be manipulated easily, and generally do not take up as much disc space. There are several (expensive) programs on the market that allow you to trace (convert a bitmap to a vector) an image, for example Corel Trace, Adobe Illustrator, Xara Xtreme, but none of these match the tracing power of a yet free software from Stanford called Vector Magic. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the comparison chart, and watch the video where you are given a comprehensive tour of the program. You simply go on their website, upload your image, and in a couple minutes you may save the result from the site free of charge! How could vector images be important to the everyday user? You may use the traced image to print on paper, clothes, or you could use it to create Flash or simple web graphics.


But readers of this site are not graphic designers, so let us take a look at how a diagnostic imaging professional might use this program. I chose a nice wrist X-ray for my test.

(Original JPEG image; 116Kb)


(Vectorized image in PNG output format; 84Kb)

I did not tweak the image in any way, this is just a simple trace with Vector Magic. I believe that if you were to see this image in Second Life or Trauma Center, you would be pleased with the quality. You could now take this image, import it into Corel Draw or any other graphic suite, and then really work you magic! I will do so and post the result soon, but I would also be interested in your graphics! We might do a competition soon, so stay tuned!