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Top 50 Radiology and Sonography Technician Blogs May 8, 2009

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Suzane Smith brought to my attention the list of the top 50 Radiology and Sonography Technician blogs. It is a must for all our readers.

As a teaser, I will only copy the categories of the list here and you can check out the rest by clicking on the link above:

These blogs by radiologists, sonographers and industry professionals reveal the ups, downs and nitty gritty details that you would want to read before making a huge decision such as a career path. Check out these top 50 blogs and see if diagnostic imaging is in your future.

1. First Hand Accounts

2. Community Forums

3. News and Information on Radiology

4. Educational

5. Professional Blogs

6. Bonus

I would like to congratulate to thow who compiled this long list. Great job!

I would like to congratulate to those who compiled this large list.

– Andras


SonoWorld: The Ultrasound Portal November 2, 2008

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In a world of advanced medical diagnostics, ultrasound remains a safe, reliable and affordable modality. It even has its own online portal!

SonoWorld is the ultrasound portal offering:

  • images
  • lectures
  • study cases
  • product reviews
  • and conference information

A short registration procedure is required to access the collection.

(via Radiológia.blog.hu)

– Andras

From pop to opera (sound works) December 1, 2007

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Advanced Imaging Technologies (AIT) presented it’s new ARIA ultrasound breast imaging system at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). This device is the winner of 2007 Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Award for ultrasound devices.aria

In essence, the ARIA imaging system uses the diffractive properties of sound combined with holography to create highly-detailed, dynamic 3D images of breast tissue. In transmission optical holography an image is obtained using the interference of two coherent acoustic sources, one being the transmitted wave and the other one, a reference wave. The resulting image is a true hologram!

Unlike reflective ultrasound the ARIA Breast Imaging System delivers 97% of the critical data you need for confident decision making. We use the whole wave to create our images, not he 3% that bounces back.

The company believes that its system delivers better sensitivity for detection of masses in women with dense breast tissue.