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Time to brush off the dust on your closet (again)! May 15, 2008

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Summer is on the corner, so it is high time to go shopping for hip, new clothing! Let us see what is in store for the diagnostic imaging professional this season:
1. We start off by a classic; a classic imaging technique that is:

got barium? Women's Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt
2. Then, here is what the ideal patient wears during Sunday afternoon shopping when the two of you pass each other.:

I Love My Radiologist Women's Long Sleeve Dark T-S

3. Isn’t it nice to put your head down onto a comfy pillow after a 24 hour shift? But watch out, this pillow has a sweet spot, just like a tennis racket! So read the users manual beforehand because misuse of this product may result in lost hours of precious sleep!
Get your Head Examined XRay Throw Pillow
4. If you want to look super cool in a club, I recommend this one:
X-ray Black T-Shirt
5. Or, if you are a real show off, try this one:
256 shades of gray Ringer T

Happy shopping everyone!

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– Andras

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Time to brush off the dust on your closet! October 1, 2007

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Fall is here, and it is getting a bit chilly out there, therefor it is time to put on more than your beach flip-flops and shorts. So , how about a new T-shirt? You can get one with this logo telling the whole world about the various places and ways one can break a bone:


Or, are you still daydreaming about riding the big ones at Jaws, Hawaii while the sun is blazing and the sand is white? Then, you should put on a T-shirt with the “Rad to the bone” logo, and let others know about how you feel. Watch out, this is the deep end! 🙂


The next one is just for the Ladies! This will probabaly get you quite a lot of approving looks from intelligent, handsome, young men at the disco. Discretion is advised! 🙂


You may find more interesting designs here: