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Diagnostic Imaging 2.0

Today the Internet is more than just a tool to send and read emails or read daily news. It has become by all means an ever growing source of information, a platform for people to connect, collaborate, share and even edit information. Web 2.0 is a set of free tools that redefine our relationship to information. With them, we are no longer passive readers of the Internet, but we may play an active role in creating its content. The term web 2.0 was originally coined by Tim O’Reilly, and he argues that there is an actual revolution taking place right before our very eyes, but there are others, who say that all those applications that we call web 2.0 are not new, and should not be distinguished from web 1.0, because when the Internet was created at CERN these same ideas were the underlying basis of the work itself. Sir Tim Berners Lee the founder of the World Wide Web belongs to the latter group. If you would like to read more on the subject please read the work of Paul Anderson titled What is Web 2.0? But what is really important for us is that today we can find reliable, quality information faster! And so this section (Diagnostic Imaging 2.0) is dedicated to a collection of web 2.0 tools that are sure to ease the daily life of the diagnostic imaging professional and theat of the student who just getting acquainted with radiology and/or nuclear medicine.

Diagnostic Imaging 2.0 series:

Web tools for diagnostic imaging professionals series:

Medicine 2.0 series:



Last updated: 21st of July, 2008



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