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Home Improvement For Geneticists April 17, 2008

Posted by tomography in Genetics, Off Topic.
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At the moment my brain is dried by a 20 page psychiatry case history, so I decided to look up from my monitor and rest my eyes on my surroundings. That is when I realized that I never blogged about my DNA! That’s right, I got my very own DNA standing right in my living room. I have had this piece of Art for about 5 years now. It is about 2 meters tall, 30 centimeters wide, made of an inch thick hot-dipped galvanized steel, and it weighs about 10 kilograms. So it is a heavy beast, but it is great for many purposes.

For one, I like to watch people’s reactions when they come visit. Trust me, some do not even recognize the shape, not even my own medical student friends! Second, it is great to hang my cloths on, and third according to Feng-Shui it brings about positive energies to my home. Who would have though that the good old DNA holds such powers, right?

This DNA was custom made (you can’t buy one at IKEA:), so I cannot tell where you can buy your own, in case you are interested in doing so, but I can give you some pictures to enjoy. I will let you know when I put it on Ebay so that you can bid on it. I will tell you this, however; since I would like to be a diagnostic imaging professional one day, I will trade this DNA to a patient bed taken from either a CT or MRI scanner, or something similarly weird that has to do something with imaging.

Staying at this DNA topic, I looked around the Web for more DNA Art. There is a lot of junk that people want to associate with the molecule of life, but I think that the following are worth a look:

DNA Tower A whole tower of DNA!?

Sample spiral design Handsome staircase!

dnaRing.jpg For the love of your life!

– Andras