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Online Periodic tables November 4, 2008

Posted by tomography in Chemistry.
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The periodic table might come handy to anybody when working on a crossword puzzle, but it might even be more useful for someone working in the field of Nuclear Medicine or Radiotherapy. That is why I have made a collection of all the best and most useful available online periodic tables.

1. Dynamic Pediodic Table

So far, this is by far the best I have seen! Interestingly it is not based on Flash, though it sure feels like it is. In any case, no other periodic table that I have seen offers information about isotopes, orbitals, and melting points. This latter one is achieved in a cleaver manner. You get to set a slide to a given temperature, and elements that are solid at that given temperature will show up black, liquids turn blue, and gases turn red.

2. Interactive Periodic Table

A Flash based periodic table with modest design and more difficult control than the first one. For each element all necessary information is provided in a large box on top of the table, which is nice, though it might be a little bit difficult to read for those who have less than 20/20 vision.

3. A Periodic Table in Second Life

Created by Hiro Sheridan, this 3D periodic table has rotating atoms. Clicking on the spheres provides basic information about the corresponding element. The 3D periodic table is available on the Chemistry Corner on Drexel Island (SLURL).

4. Visual Periodic Table

Instead of writing anything, I insert a picture of this periodic table:

There are many other periodic tables online, but these four, I believe, are truly unique. Let me know if I have forgotten anything.

– Andras