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Hello, and welcome to Tomographyblog.com Forum!

This page is dedicated to a collection of rare clinical cases collected by us or submitted by radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists from all over the world. Submissions are accepted continuously. Contributors will be awarded in some way, and some submissions may be recommended for publishing with consent of submitter.

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Last updated: 21st of July, 2008



1. Metrujectiktus - March 29, 2008

Приветствую всех!
У меня такой вопрос,кто что интересное подскажет буду признателен.
Мы с друзьями собираемся поехать в круиз по просторам России и ближнего зарубежья месяца на два на своих машинах,но не как не можем согласовать маршрут,если у кого уже был опыт такого путешествия,может,что посоветуете.Девчонок с собой не берем,думаем,что во все городах России с этим не будет проблем,если у кого будут рекомендации и в вопросе отдыха с девушками тоже буду признателен.

С уважением Сеньчик

2. tomography - March 30, 2008

Hello Metrujectiktus,
could you say that in English? Sorry, but most blog readers dont speak Russian.
Thank You!

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4. bokhooche - April 10, 2008

Hello my friends 🙂

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8. cereNoice - August 8, 2008
9. samsung LN46A650 - December 16, 2008


I’ve found this article to be very useful, though the information is not rather new.
I’m your permanent reader now!

p.s. BTW, what happened to your site template? Or is it just my browser? 🙂


10. tomography - December 16, 2008

Thank You!
Sign up to our RSS feed so as not to miss any of our posts.
Have a nice day!

11. WerypePeevy - December 19, 2008


As a fresh tomographyblog.com user i only want to say hello to everyone else who uses this board 😀

12. tomography - December 21, 2008

Welcome WerypePeevy!

13. mnorgovudkka - December 29, 2008

Hy my name is mnorgovudkka
Im from mongolia

14. tomography - December 29, 2008

Hi mnorgovudka!
Great to see you on TomographyBlog!
Give SEEKRadiology.com a try as well. I hope you will like it.

15. bocamijob - January 30, 2009

I’ve found tomographyblog.com by using Yahoo

Hi, new confrere here
Hey all and some.

16. paraZITA - August 5, 2009

Hi Everybody!

I’m new here, and i wanna said: Yuppppiiiiiii

Radiology one of the most important things, in the medicine!


tomography - August 7, 2009

Thanks for commenting!
May we know who you are?

17. HansDietrich - November 9, 2009

Glückwunsch zum neuen Blog!

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