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Neurology 2.0 on Webicina May 18, 2009

Posted by tomography in web 2.0.

webicina_logo (Image: Webicina.com)

I have just started my sixth and final clinical rotation in Neurology, that is why I was delighted to be notified about the latest Webicina package aimed at professionals.
Berci Meskó, author of Scienceroll and founder of Webicina put together another fantastic collection of Web 2.0 tools, this time in the field of Neurology.

My favorite is the collection of slideshows, which I am sure will help me prepare for my exam come the end of June.

You may find many more packages on Webicina aimed at patients and professionals as well.

– Andras



1. Bertalan Meskó - May 18, 2009


Thank you very much for presenting the latest Webicina package to your readers.

But what delights me more is that you could use it in your studies. This is what the whole collection should be about.


tomography - May 18, 2009

Keep it up, Berci, because the void is huge!
Also, feel free to look into my Diagnostic Imaging 2.0 collection if you are planning something similar.


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