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MONT Congress 2009 Debrecen May 16, 2009

Posted by tomography in Conference, Nuclear Medicine.

The 16th congress of the Magyar Orvostudományi Nukleáris Társaság (MONT – Hungarian Nuclear Medicine Society) is going to take place between the 2-4th of July, 2009 in Debrecen, Hungary.

I will give a presentation about how Web 2.0 may facilitate patient education, medical education and intercollegial communication within Nuclear Medicine. My presentation will focus on TomographyBlog, SEEKRadiology and NuklearisMedicina.hu, my blog, search page, and community site respectively.

Here is my abstract in English that will appear in Nuclear Medicine Review:

Novel opportunities in Nuclear Medicine provided by the Internet

András Székely, DEOEC ÁOK VI.


The birth of Web 2.0 opened a new chapter in  the history of the Internet. Since 2004, a large number of services have been developed which emphasize collaboration, communication and creativity. Facilities provided by this „social Web” may be utilized in higher education and patient education. To examine these opportunities, we founded our diagnostic imaging blog, called Tomographyblog.com, in 2007. Later, we developed a search page and a community portal.

Materials and methods:

We registered our blog with a free service provider, and since then we have been informing our audience about the latest in diagnostic imaging. We hosted a four-week educational quiz in partnership with the University of Debrecen Nuclear Medicine Department during the Fall semester of 2007/2008. Our search page, SeekRadiology.com, puts all the relevant search engines in diagnostic imaging on an easy-to-use webpage. Our community site, NuklearisMedicina.hu, aims to provide information for patients and to facilitate learning, but it also offers content for professionals.


Our blog is one of the most popular diagnostic imaging blogs with over 7000 visitors per month. The quiz got 561 visitors and 26 students sent in answers at least once. Traffic on SeekRadiology.com is around 150 per day, while NuklearisMedicina.hu is currently in beta testing.


Web 2.0 may facilitate medical education and it can help improve the efficiency of patient education as well. These opportunities may be employed in any area of medicine, but it is vital that doctors and other experts create this content.

Hope to see you at the conference, in fact, anybody who is reading this, and will attend the conference, please drop me a comment below!

– Andras



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