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Diagnostic imaging community sites list update May 15, 2009

Posted by tomography in Community sites, Diagnostic Imaging 2.0, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology.

I have recently updated my list of community sites, and here are the changes to the original post:

A sense of community is an essential need of ours, and online social communities have made it easier for us to connect to, and stay in touch with people who are either important to us or share similar passions to ours, or both. So if your area of interest is diagnostic imaging, these online communities may be for you.

In order to participate in most communities, you must first create your own login name and password. This is necessary because there must be a way to indentify you if you write on a discussion board, or send short intranetwork messages to other users, and most communities also allow you to start your own blog within that particular community which also has to be connected to at least a login name.

What can you do on social community sites?


  • to old friends from residency and medical school
  • to your next employer


  • Discuss, share, and see interesting cases with radiologists from around the world
  • Share your research ideas and establish a new collaboration
  • Find out the next time someone gives a lecture/CME on your area of interest

Get answers:

  • Discuss the latest topics and turf battles of radiology
  • Find another radiologist who can help with literally anything
  • Find a mentor or a mentee

1. RadRounds.com, short for Radiology Rounds, is the largest social network site for Radiologist created by Radiologists. It is very similar to Facebook, MySpace and the others, but on a professional level. So it is the Tiromed of Radiologists. Members are either medical professionals, medical students, technicians, or programmers, so they are all somehow related to the field of Radiology.

radRounds Radiology Network

2. RADiX.in : An Exclusive Online Radiology Community with over 2,200 registered members is the largest Radiology community in Asia, and the number 2 most visited Radiology community worldwide. It has a large collection of teaching files and videos.


3. Auntminnie.com is your Radiologist Aunt. “AuntMinnie provides a forum for radiologists, business managers, technologists, members of organized medicine, and industry to meet, transact, research, and collaborate on topics within the field of radiology with the ease and speed that only the Internet can provide. AuntMinnie features the latest news and information about medical imaging.”


4. Filmjacket.com is a website for all professionals affiliated with the field of radiology. You can post and browse radiology jobs, submit and read the latest radiology news, participate in discussion forums, read radiology-related articles and browse radiologic images and cases. Unfortunately Filmjacket is no longer available, but I will leave it in this list, because this was the very first community website dedicated to Radiology.


5. The object of CIDER is to contribute to the understanding of pulmonary radiology. It includes an e-Book on the basic concepts of pulmonary radiology, a Tutorial Section, a Case of The Month Section, a Show and Tell Section, a Boards Primer Section and a Benefactors Section. QUIZZ/GAMING features that reinforce the various concepts you have learned are available when considered appropriate.

S5 Bliss

6. In a world of advanced medical diagnostics, ultrasound remains a safe, reliable and affordable modality. It even has its own online community! SonoWorld is the ultrasound portal offering: images, lectures, study cases, product reviews, and conference information. A short registration procedure is required to access the collection.


7. DograRad is dedicated to all who teach, research, and promote education in ultrasound and other imaging modalities. Registered members can contribute interesting cases, share opinions and ideas, and make contacts for residencies and other opportunities in the practice of medical imaging.

[no logo available at this time]

8. The latest community website for Radiologist is Radiolopolis. Connect to your peers, start a blog, upload your files, start a discussion. The options are virtually boundless. Check out why the Radiology blogosphere is raving about this site.


9. Radiologyforums is just what its name says, a large forum for Radiologists. You can start a discussion and create your own profile on this website.


10. Teleradiology Network is a forum for those interested in teleradiology and its global implications. Create your profile, add members to your groups, and start a discussion with a few clicks on this website. Since the topic is very specific this is a community site worth visiting from time to time.

[no logo available at this time]

11. I saved a unique community for last. If you are ready to test not only your skills in Radiology but you would also like to navigate through a site in Russian, Radiomed is this editor’s choice.

[no logo available at this time]



1. Eugene Magonov - May 30, 2009

I’m very happy and proud that the Radiological community web site I’ve created (www.radiomed.ru) is listed on your pages. This is a very valuable sign for me and all the community members which tells that we are going the right direction.
Thank you!

tomography - June 2, 2009

I am glad you commented. Could we do an interview with you via email?

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