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Search Medica: relevant information in Medicine October 25, 2008

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 SearchMedica.com logo
I have discovered SearchMedica through radRounds, the community site for Radiologist. SearchMedica is a part of CMPMedica that owns other popular websites such as Psychiatric Times and Physicians Practice.

The algorithms behind SearhMedica do the same as any other web search engine does: crawls, indexes and displays relevant results. It draws from well-known, credible journals, systematic reviews, and evidence-based articles, patient-directed websites, online CME courses, and government databases of clinical trials and practice guidelines.

What I found great about this search engine, is that one may start by limiting search results to a given field of medicine, such as “Radiology” or “Cardiovascular.”

After hitting the search button, and getting a ton of results, one may further narrow or broaden search results by clicking on the list that appears on top and onto the left [not shown on image] of the search results.

In conclusion, SearchMedica is a promising project that will find many supporters amongst medical professionals, and it is one I am sure to use until SEEKRadiology becomes a true meta search engine.

– Andras



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