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ThermoDox October 17, 2008

Posted by tomography in Cancer, development, Innovation.
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I am certain that one day there will be a cure for cancer, that is why I try to keep up to date with whatever advances there are in cancer treatment. I stumbled upon ThermoDox, an interesting technology that utilizes heat-activated liposomes to kill cancerous cells.

Liposomes are made of that same materials as cells, phospholipids, thus they form a hollow structure that is soluble in water but may fuse with cell membranes. Since they are hollow, they may be filled with anti-cancer drugs.

ThermoDox liposomes are filled with Doxorubicin, a popular anti-cancer agent. They circulate within the bloodstream, so they reach all parts of the body, but only when focused heat is applied do they release their deadly load onto cancerous cells. Thus side-effects are reduced, and more efficient cancer treatment is achieved.

ThermoDox is now in phase III, and you may read more on this technology here.

– Andras



1. odaat - October 18, 2008

That same company, Celsion, just inked a broad agreement with Philips to use Philips imaging (MRI) for guidance and Philips HIFU devices for triggering the liposomal release of cancer drugs, as they put it, “basically anywhere in the body” This is huge. You are right – this technology presents a broadly applicable, elegant, effectice treatment that doesn’t rip the body up with side effects.


2. tomography - October 18, 2008

Indeed, it is a promising technology that is worth following.

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