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The Ultimate Medical Wiki July 29, 2008

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Study source, web 2.0.

Harvard Medical School, Stanford School of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, and Berkeley School of Public Health have put their heads together and launched what we might eventually call the ultimate medical wiki called Medpedia.

The Medpedia community seeks to create the most comprehensive and collaborative medical resource in the world. Medpedia will serve as a catalog, database, and learning tool about health, medicine and the body for doctors, scientists, policymakers, students and citizens that will improve medical literacy worldwide.

Associations, medical schools, hospitals, government organizations and research centers are asked to join to this worldwide project and help build the world’s largest and most relevant medical information database. In order to keep the contents accurate and up-to-date, contributors will have to have an M.D. or Ph.D in a biomedical field, and all contributors will have their own profile page with links to their contributions. This will help minimize errors and prevent pseudoscience. The project is in beta at the moment, so it is by invitation only, but if you are eager to contribute, you may ask for a login at the Medpedia website.

Unfortunately, I still have another year to sit out at school until I can contribute, but if you are a diagnostic imaging professional you should sign-up because this is a worthwhile project!

– Andras



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