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Flip this out! July 29, 2008

Posted by tomography in search engine.

The Internet is a constantly growing network of webpages, blogposts, and news pieces. Therefore most search engines have a hard time keeping up, indexing all that is out there. But you do not care about all the search results that come up after clicking the “search” button, rather you want to find what you are looking for in a few seconds.

Unfortunately, programmers have a few hundred thousand lines of more code to write until they can teach search engines to “understand” what we are asking them, so until then we got meta-search, swicki and now pressflip.

There is not anything fancy about Pressflip. It is a blog search engine that requires your input to better suit itself to your needs, therefore you need to register, and you need to be logged-in whenever you want to use “your” Pressflip. Here is how it works:

“If you see something that doesn’t interest you, press

That’s it! In the light of other, bigger search engine start-ups, this cannot possible replace your current favorite search engine, but it does not aim to do that. Use Pressflip for fun, and to get more information on your hobbies.

Further information:



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