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Google’s stepbrother: Cuil July 28, 2008

Posted by tomography in Cuil, search engine.

Google has been challenging almost everything lately, such as Wikipedia, SecondLife, MapQuest, and many more, so it has come as a shock for many to see a new rival emerge for Google Search: Cuil. What makes this story even more juicy is the fact that two old Google employees are in on this one. Cuil promises better search results and the company claims that Cuil’s robots (those algorithms that crawl through, and index websites) are able to cover more ground in cyberspace.

If this is all true, I wonder how this is going to change the business strategy of such popular diagnostic imaging search engines as Yottalook. The traditional Yottalook search is a Google custom search wrapped around an algorithm by iVirtuoso. Read more on Yottalook here. If Cuil proves better, will they switch?

In any case, I tried Cuil, and though I do not feel that it covers more ground than Google, I like the whole feel and look of their search results better. Google dug up some 18 million results for “lung cancer” and Cuil found 6,5 million results, but I do not care about the numbers. I prefer finding what I need quicker, and I lean towards Cuil at the moment. Judge for yourself, and then we will see how this duel is going to play out.

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– Andras



1. Thomas - July 28, 2008

Well, it’s a question of taste I guess. I haven’t had time to evaluatie the result of sapecific search terms. But at first glance, the arbitrary choice of images as illustrations to the posts seems somewhat peculiar, if not absurd.

2. tomography - July 28, 2008

I tried: “cancer,” “lung,” “diagnostic imaging,” and some others as well, and I am okay with the images that appear next to the short description. What have you tried?
I believe that the short descriptions make search results more relevant as well.

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