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Yottalook July 19, 2008

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According to Wikipedia Yotta is “an SI prefix in the SI (system of units) denoting 1024 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.” That is a lot of zeros, but a very catching name for a search engine.

Thursday, the 21st of December, 2006 was the release date of Yottalook, a Radiology specific search engine powered by iVirtuoso‘s algorhithm. The most popular feature of this search engine is Yottalook Image Search that has just been upgraded. It now offers “detailed” or “thumbnails only” views, and supports PicLens, so that you can view all the images full screen on a 3D wall!

The thumbnails view is handy when you want to find a suitable image quickly, and you care more about what is on the image, than the procedure behind it. When you navigate over an image in this mode a few sentences will appear about the image such as the journal it came from, and a few words on the technique. Use the detailed view to get the original text from underneath the image as it appears in the article. This view allows you to jump to the article or you may choose to view all images from it.

You can easily social bookmark your search result, and you may choose from 34 bookmarking sites. There has been talks about Image Search RSS support, but it has not happened yet. I think the diagnostic imaging community is eagerly waiting for that to become available.

Yottalook Books is a customized and Yottalook optimized Google Book Search, but it works just fine. My favorite is that Yottalook is very powerful in searching for definitions. Enter “Define: whatever” and let the search engine do the rest. Here it is:

You can search Yottalook amongst other great diagnostic imaging search engines from the SeekRadiology search page!

Further information:

– Andras



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