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Ologeez! July 18, 2008

Posted by tomography in web 2.0.

In science, new information comes in neat research papers, and the database for these papers is PubMed. If you are a scientists or a science student, you probably cannot live without PubMed, literally.

But PubMed has come under a lot of criticism lately, and that has given rise to startups such as JournalReview and Biowizard. Now there is a new startup in town by the name of Ologeez! At the moment there is only one Stanford grad student behind it all, but the beta version looks promising.

Ologeez is not just a new interface for PubMed! With this site users can give a “thumbs-up” or a “thumbs down” for each article, which in turn will eventually place the most popular articles on the top of the search results. Users can also upload the abstract of articles not featured on PubMed.

When you sign up, and assume a profile on Ologeez, you get your own library, where you can access all the articles you have uploaded, commented on, rated, tagged, etc., so that you will never have to keep anything on your hard drive anymore. This makes keeping track of information much more easy.

You can start your own WikiGroup on Ologeez. This can be the Wiki of your research group, your class, or company, and you can choose to make this Wiki public or private. Free services of this feature are: calendar with group editing, news board, publications list, protocols, photo albums, group forums, and privacy controls.

While Ologeez was not meant to be a Facebook-type community site for scientists, you can keep track of your colleagues, who have already signed-up. You can leave them private notes, and you can view their ratings and comments about research papers.

Here is a video about uploading an abstract to Ologeez:

You can always check out the website’s tour, and if you like what you see sign-up to become a member today!

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– Andras



1. Lauren - July 19, 2008

Most that you’ve defined as differentiators for Ologeez, is also available on BioWizard. Instead of thumbs-up,thumbs-down, BW users can “rank” an abstract as they would on Digg. BW houses a library of users saved search and commenting/ranking history. Where Ologeez differs is in their Wiki feature. Of course, where BW differs is with their conference proceedings database of 2K+ conferences. What this goes to show is that the research world for Life Scientists is become more accessible and we can only hope discoveries accelerate as a result!

2. tomography - July 27, 2008

Thank you Lauren for clearing that up for us!

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