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A Radiology Swicki July 17, 2008

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I have already talked about the different search engines that are available if you would like to find information regarding radiology and/or nuclear medicine, but the Radiology Search Engine, which really is a swicki has grabbed my attention lately:

Swickis are advertised as social browsers according to Wikipedia. They are easy to edit search engines, that rely heavily on group feedback. When you set up a swicki, you need to choose among “standard, video or pro.” Then you add a couple websites, blogs, ect. that your swicki will then weigh in more heavily in the search results.

Then you need to add a couple words to the tag cloud, which is like a collection of the most popular key words. The more often a key word is used, the bigger it gets in the tag cloud, and the less frequently it is used, the smaller is gets. The editor of the swicki may add or delete words from the tag cloud at any time, whenever she feels it is necessary. Here is the current tag cloud of Radiology Search Engine:

When your swicki is published, anybody may be able to use it just like a standard search engine, and anybody can copy the source code to their blog or website so that your swicki will become available from their site as well, and they all can contribute to the continued growth of the swicki.

The interesting aspect of the swicki search results, is that each individual result may be voted on, so that they either move up or down the list. Google is beginning to implement this idea into their engine as well, though it is still being beta tested.

According to the company – Eurekster – behind the swicki technology, there are over 100,000 swickis already, and this number is continually growing. Some of the most popular swickis are that maintained by Popular Science, and TechCrunch.

If you need more information about swickis, you may take the 16 slide Eurekster tour, where you can find out all about swickis. If you are ready, you may begin building your new swicki here.

Further information:

– Andras



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