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The perfect home page for your browser: SeekRadiology July 11, 2008

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I am happy to announce that we have closed yet another chapter in the book of the search page I mentioned to you a while back. This project is the SeekRadiology project and its aim is to bring together all the pertinent search engines in diagnostic imaging on one clear page so that you may use them all at once to find information on the Web.

On the search page, you may now search with:

  • Yottalook
  • Goldminer
  • RadiologySearch
  • X-ray Links
  • and Google

Note that, if you enter your key words into the text box and hit enter, your search will be automatically transferred to Google! If you would like to use any of the above mentioned search engines, just click on the box with their names and your search will be transferred to their websites.

Since you have 4 engines dedicated to finding information regarding dianostic imaging, and you have Google for all your other needs, SeekRadiology is your perfect choice as start page in your browser! Make it your starting point today!

As always, feedback is always appreciated, in fact, embedded in the site is a forum software with which you may leave your feedback on the search page for anybody to see. It takes a bit hunting though :)!


– Andras



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