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PET/CT Reader On Your iPhone June 28, 2008

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When the iPhone came out I said: “I gotta have one of this!” As I am entering the last year of medical school and edging more towards real clinical imaging work in the field of nuclear medicine I say : “I need one of these as soon as possible!”

MIM for iPhone

I wrote about how iPhones could be used in diagnostic imaging and why all radiologist should carry one in their pockets wherever they go, but now PET/CT readers have a reason to do so as well. MimVista has just recently come out with a multi-modality imaging software for the iPhone that is absolutely mind blowing.

You may not only view PET/CT combined data on your phone, but you may use all those tools that you are used to on a workstation. For example:

  • find the contour of the lesion in 3D
  • calculate min. and max. SUV values
  • calculate the volume of the lesion.

And that is just of the many uses of this software that soon may change the way we learn and work!

Take a look at this video to find out more about this emerging technology:

Further reading:

– Andras



1. Y. S. - June 29, 2008

Pretty impressive but aren’t Palms the ones they recommend students to use during rotations? Aren’t they the ones with all the medical programs and applications? Can the same programs and applications be used on i-phones?

Thank you 🙂

2. tomography - June 29, 2008

Certainly, Palms have dominated the market so far, but now Apple is taking a shot at it, and I think they are going to be very successful. The touch screen of the iPhone suits these applications perfect! As far as running the same applications on an iPhone, I do not think it can be done without some reprogramming, since software running on Palm only supports the following operating systems:
PalmOS, Pocket PC, MS Mobile, Desktop/Tablet, BlackBerry, Symbian.
Don’t worry, though, I am sure you can have plenty of fun with this new iPhone until the Palm medical softwares come out for it.

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