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How to find pertinent information in Imaging? June 5, 2008

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What is your search engine? Are you a Googler or are you a Yahooer? No matter what you search engine is, your objective is the same: you want the information you are looking for, preferably 5 minutes ago! Right? If you are in the business of diagnostic imaging, however, you are not nearly as well off regarding search engines as say somebody who is looking for a brand new pair of Jordans.

But don’t worry! If the information you are looking for is out there somewhere, then so are the tools to find it. Here is a collection of search engines that you may use on your workdays in the office and away from it.

1. As the name implies this one is a search engine fine tuned for Radiology searches, and indeed it is:

2. Yotta! Does anybody even know what the word means? It’s 10 to the power of 24! Could a search engine give you that many results? Find out for yourself:

3. Do you want to search by modality? Then this one is the right pick for you:

4. It will not find you gold, but it will dig up just about anything besides that:

5. Sorry, no logo for this one, but it works just as well as the others.

Radiology Search Engine

6. And last, but not least, here is my son: TomographyBlogSearch. It is codenamed “SeekRadiology,” and at the mean time you may find it here. It does not have a logo at the moment, but I may provide you with a snapshot:

I would like to thank Péter Bágyi M.D., who runs a well maintained Hungarian blog for his additions to this list.

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– Andras



1. Y. S. - June 6, 2008

Thanks for the list. But why no embeded links?

2. tomography - June 6, 2008

You are welcome!
I will take care of those embedded links right now.

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