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TomographyBlogSearch in the making June 4, 2008

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Tomographyblogsearch, web 2.0.

There are all sorts of search engines that are pertinent to the field of diagnostic imaging such as Goldminer, RadiologySearch and YottaLook. But these are all on a different server with different URL’s so if you want to use all of them at once, you have to have 3 or more windows or tabs open. TomographyBlogSearch is bound to solve just that problem. It is not a search engine in itself, but it is a clever use of some old HTML and new Java Script to ease your search needs.

It is very simple to use: just type your key words in the search box, and then click on the logo of the search engine you wish to use. There is no need to type in your key words again if you wish to switch between the search engines. In my example I used the keyword “MRI.” Your results will open in  new windows, so that you can go back to your original search whenever you need.

The project in still in less than beta mode (titled “SeekRadiology”), so your feedback is warmly welcome, and greatly appreciated. Please let me know if there are other search engines that should be included, or if you just hate this new window popping up thing. I will take all feedback into consideration. The new design with CSS, etc. will be available by the end of this month with real logos.

The URL of the search page may change from time to time, but all up to date information will be available at Tomographyblog.com. Just click on the “Search” tab! Please, let your colleagues know!

– Andras



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