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My VisualCV June 4, 2008

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine.

a while back in Web 2.0 Tools for diagnostic imaging professionals part 3 I wrote about VisualCV. Now I not only gave it a try, but I prepared my very own CV with the help of this program. I must tell you, that little work and educational experience that I have had, has never looked so good on paper before. Here is the URL for my public CV:

http://www.visualcv.com/gocsi or click the logo below:

András Székely's VisualCV

Let me know if you have found this program useful!

– Andras



1. Martin - June 4, 2008

The link does not work – it leads to a loginpage

2. tomography - June 4, 2008

Thank You, Martin for catching that on time! Indeed, the link did not work, since I forgot to set my CV public. You may choose your CV to be available to the public Internet, or only to members of VisualCV, or you may make it totally private.

3. Dave Saunders - June 4, 2008

Well, I can’t see yours but here’s my public VisualCV


I was having some fun with it and shot some videos about it too. As a tool for personal branding, I think it’s very handy for standing out.

4. tomography - June 4, 2008

Thank you, Dave! As you say, it is great for standing out! Great CV you got up there on visualcv.com.I have fixed the link to my CV, I hope it will work for all who are interested.

5. tomography - June 4, 2008

I would like to thank Nathen Harvey, Senior Director, Operations at VisualCV, who came to my rescue and helped me fix a bad link.
The URL and the logo should work from now on!
What an afternoon! 🙂

6. Clint Heiden - June 5, 2008

I’m just very happy to see so many diverse individuals find our platform useful to their career and life. Best, Clint Heiden, CEO and Co-Founder of VisualCV

7. tomography - June 5, 2008

Thank you Clint for commenting here!
It is an honor to have the writing of the CEO of VisualCV on these pages.

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