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Discoverer Of LSD Dies At Age 102 May 3, 2008

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Albert Hofmann, Swiss chemist and discoverer of LSD died at the age of 102 due to a hearth attack in his home. He discovered LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide by accident while conducting research on the alkaloid compounds of ergot. He himself experienced a trip when he accidentally digested a small amount of the compound. He would have liked to see the compound used in psychiatry as a means to access the fundamentals of human consciousness. Unfortunately, LSD was never used for such purposes, since shortly after its discovery, it took off as one of the most powerful hallucinogenic drug, and was deemed illegal afterwards.

While Hofmann is understandably most well known for LSD, his work was also key to developing many new drugs for treating postpartum hemorrhaging, stabilizing blood pressure, and improving circulation and cerebral function.

Make sure to read the following articles about the work and life of Mr. Hofmann:

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