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The Importance of Breastfeeding April 29, 2008

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Breastfeeding.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Every now and then a topic pops-up that has nothing to do with diagnostic imaging, but is one that I still feel has a place on these pages, because as a medical student I believe that I am obliged to shine some light on certain aspects of medicine again and again. One such aspect is the importance of breastfeeding.
Today, the Department of Gynecology at the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center was the location for an important initiative called Breastfeeding Awareness Day. This event was organized and carried out by my fellow medical students with the help of the local Student Body and the nurses from Gynecology. Mothers and soon-to-be mothers from the city of Debrecen were invited to attend an hour long musical performance and a short lecture on the importance of breastfeeding. The event was opened and closed by Zoltán Tóth, head of Gynecology at at my University who at the end of the night reiterated the importance of breastfeeding with the following slide that I translated for you. You are welcome to use this slide, but all the information presented here is the sole work of the above mentioned author, and as such I am not in the position to answer any questions regarding that. I only take credit for taking pictures of the newborn babies, and some technical help with the slide show.

The advantages of breastfeeding:
1. From the baby’s point of view:
– smaller morbidity and mortality
– less pulmonary and middle ear canal infection
– less digestive problems
– less prone to allergies
– less chance for diabetes
– less chance for malignant tumors
– higher IQ
– more beautiful face
– better teeth
– better vision
– faster and better speech development
– more harmonic baby-mother relationship

2. From the mother’s point of view:
– the involution of the uterus is faster
– less chance for premenopausal breast cancer
– less chance for anemia
– less chance for osteoporosis
– less chance for ovarian cancer

I must tell you, it makes me feel great to think back how delighted some of the new mothers were to see their babies’ faces projected onto a large screen in front of a large audience.

– Andras

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1. rae - June 4, 2008

dam its so important

2. tomography - June 5, 2008

Yes, it is!

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