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Health Docs 2008.04.23. April 23, 2008

Posted by tomography in Health Docs.

Heath Docs – A weekly overview of health related issues that circulate the Web!

Let’s see what is making the headlines this week in the medical community:

1. The oldest known person turned 115 last Sunday! One of only 75 living people (64 women and 11 men) who is 110 or older, scientists are hoping that Edna’s DNA can unlock the “Holy Grail” of longevity. Is having a long life a genetic thing? It’s definitely possible. In fact, nearly all centenarians have a sister, mother, or other relative who lived a long life. The same is true for Edna, whose two sisters lived to be 99 and 88.

2. Medicexchange.com presents an interesting case of intrahepatic gas. It is a very serious and potentially life threatening condition that has to be differentiated from many other conditions such as ischaemic bowel, ulcerated colorectal carcinoma, inflammatory bowel disease and perforated peptic ulcer amongst others.

3. NeuroLogica Blog discusses and interesting surgical procedure that was supposedly done with no anesthesia! “Mr. Lenkei, who is a professional hypnotist, “hypnotized” himself prior to having surgery on his right hand for osteoarthritis.” Truth or lie? Find out for yourself at the NeuroLogica Blog.

4. You can read about a treadmill/computer combo at the HealthBolt. The Mayo Clinic is actually behind the project, trying to help overweight people loose some excess weight. Find out for yourself why “walking while you work is NEAT.”

5. Scheduled to be released on the 21st of May, 2008 (my birthday:), people are already crazy about the Wii Fit. It broke almost all game sale records in Japan, and now it is making its way to the U.S. and Europe. Can a console game actually make you loose weight? Well, even if it does not succeed, it might make people go out and try soccer, skiing and other great sports. We will see soon enough.

– Andras



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