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HealthRanker: Social Media Just Got Healthy April 22, 2008

Posted by tomography in web 2.0.

Forget Digg.com, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Slashdot It! del.icio.us and the rest of the social bookmarking sites! When you are looking for peer-reviewed, peer-ranked blog posts and news go straight to HealthRanker! The layout will be familiar to you, if you have already used at least on of the above mentioned websites, but as the name implies, HealthRanker only deals with health related information.

This is what they say about themselves:

Health Ranker: A Health Centric Social Media Driven News and Voting Site: Health Ranker, the #1 social media health news site dedicated to bringing you the latest health news and health-related information. Designed to be powered by you, the user, we encourage our community to submit health news and articles from highly respected medical information publishers to health bloggers to mainstream media news sites. We’ll cover it all!

The site looks great. It is clean, easy to navigate, and there are so many interesting articles on it, that I could sit in front of my PC a whole day just reading through it all! This large volume of information is categorized nicely that makes browsing easy and more interesting. Check them out for yourself:

And they also have a great blog! You should sign-up to their RSS feed today!



1. Jesmi - May 23, 2008

Healthranker allows bloggers, webmasters and users to submit health related articles. Related articles include, diet, exercise, fitness, basically anything to do with being healthy. Health is a growing awareness that everyone seems to be focusing on. From tv, to radio and now to blogs, nearly everyone seems to be trying to get healthier.

2. tomography - May 23, 2008

you are right! Health is a growing issue, but I believe that there is still much to be done so that people understand the body that they are possessing. Health ranker is one tool to deliver reliable medical information to people. Thank you for commenting!
– Andras

3. Israel - July 2, 2008

Thank you so much for mentioning Health Ranker. As we continue to forge relationships with other health-minded sites and companies, we will do our best to promote health.

Thanks again, Israel.

4. tomography - July 3, 2008

You are welcome!
Keep up the good work!
– Andras

5. Israel - November 14, 2008

Health Ranker is undergoing a redesign in the coming weeks and adding a few new features. 9 Months and still going strong!

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