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Ultimate Information Source For Your Patients April 15, 2008

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine, Radiology.

RadiologyInfo - The radiology information resource for patients
Finally a website that you may recommend to your patients and to the doctors who refer patients to you if they are looking for in depth information about the scan or procedure that they or their patients are undergoing. RadiologyInfo not only covers topics on Radiology but Nuclear Medicine, Intervention Radiology and Radiation Therapy as well! For example, you will find the answers to all these questions on this website regarding PET scans:

The layout is crystal clear, and all the information is very straightforward. All information may be downloaded in pdf. format and read in Spanish if necessary. Check out Radiology in Motion, where you can watch selected high-quality videos that better explain the procedures. The image gallery has various good quality shots of all the procedures with explanations. They also have a large dictionary of related words that is easy to search, the definitions are well worded, and you also get pronunciation help!

– Andras

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1. Martin - April 15, 2008

It lacks some formal features of good quality health websites like author and date on each page!

2. tomography - April 15, 2008

Martin, you are right!
It does lack that sort of information, but it is a great start and all the information on the page are copyrighted by the Radiological Society of North America. Check out their copyright page:
Thanks for your input!

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