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The People Behind RadiologyStudents.com April 8, 2008

Posted by tomography in Radiology, web 2.0.
Recently, I have told you about a great project, an online dictionary of Radiology, and now I have made a short interview with the man behind the project, Troy Thompson.
Hello, Troy! When and where was this unique project started?
It was started on late 2007 in the United States at a small college in Southern Ohio.

Who are behind it?

I am, as a Radiology educator, and some of my students. The main student involved is named Justin Williams.

This project relies on the power of Web 2.0, on collective knowledge to be more specific. How can one contribute to your work?

The creators are the contributors and lists are welcome (uncopyrighted of course), they can be sent to troy.thompson (at) sinclir.edu with a subject of “Radiology Words.” I will work on adding a Wiki area that can be edited by all – I hate the spam though and that’s why the dictionary is closed.

Do you read blogs? If so, which ones, and how do you find new blogs?

I search for radiology info from all sources, not just blogs. But blogs do offer the most up to date information and are a valuable source of knowledge.

What do you think about the great expansion of the blogosphere, wikis, etc?

It’s great!

As a radiologist, what do you think lies in the near future for diagnostic imaging? Are doctors going to rely on them more or less? Why?

I actually teach the technologists who perform the exams as well as being one myself. There are many doctors who already do since they read films from the computer and the internet is so handy. Online teaching files are an especially important part of web radiology.
What else may we know about your site?
Anybody who wishes can put a search box on their site. Just copy/paste this code:
<div> <form method=”get” action=”http://www.radiologystudents.com/radiology-dictionary/index.php”&gt; <input name=”s” type=”text” class=”src_field” value=”” /> <input type=”submit” name=”Submit” value=”Word Search”> </form> </div>
Great stuff, Troy! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope you will shortly open that Wiki you were talking about, and that this project becomes the largest dictionary of its kind. Tomographyblog.com wishes you best of luck in your endeavors.
Make sure you visit RadiologyStudents.com today!
– Andras


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