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Health Docs 2008.04.07. April 7, 2008

Posted by tomography in Health Docs.

Heath Docs – A weekly overview of health related issues that circulate the Web!

1. The American Heart Association is letting everybody know that even if you aren’t trained in CPR, jumping in and administering chest compressions if you witness an adult collapse after having a heart attack is more than twice as likely to save his life than just calling 911 alone.

2. A Congressional hearing was held about Second Life on the 2nd of April, 2008. Members of Congress were lead into the virtual world of Second Life by business leaders, academics, and tech whizzies. The session was broadcasted both on Tv and streamed online in the world of Second Life. Since this virtual world gets and increasing attention from Business, Technology and Medicine, it was high time for political decision makers to get acquainted with it.

3. You have probably heard about The Da Vinci Surgical Robot. It is not so much a robot but more of an extension of the surgeon’s arms that allows for greater precision. Now researchers are adding an attachment which can track the surgeon’s eye movements and present a three-dimensional map of the area of the patient at which the surgeon is looking. It does this by combining live imagery with a collection of scans of the patient taken prior to the surgery.

4. Recently declassified documents describe exotic military weapons that could beam words directly into people’s ears, cause epilepsy-like seizures or externally raise body temperature for the sake of crowd control. (Read original pdf. )

5. Over its 10 year history Viagra has helped more than 25 million men in alleviating their erectile dysfunction. As The Wonder Drug turns ten, I invite you to read a couple interesting real life articles about the many possible uses and drawbacks of syldenafil citrate.

– Andras

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1. fakonig - April 7, 2008

Sexual health is and always has been one of the foundation blocks in any couples relationship. We are incredibly sensitive to the slightest changes in our or our partners attitude towards sex.

Libido and Health

2. tomography - April 21, 2008

As they say: the fourth leg of the table, right? 🙂
Thanks for commenting!
– Andras

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