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Milestone nr. 2. March 22, 2008

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine.

Dear Reader,

These two months went on quite fast and we are happy that You visited or commented our site. Thanks to Your interest, tomographyblog is over it’s 11000th visitors! Thank you!


Earlier we were telling you about a weekly discussion forum, that we plan to start. Finally we found some sources and got the permission to use the cases you can read, study, give a diagnose or comment in any way from this weekend on.

We are going to present interesting, rare cases, but you are also welcome to send in your own cases and thus “host” this brainstormer. So everybody is welcomed!

Hopefully a larger community of doctors will come together here and take part in creating a great collection of cases.



1. Y.S. - March 23, 2008

Congrats! My hits are near to that number too. Keep strong, we will make a difference, eventually! 😉

2. tomography - March 23, 2008

Thanks Y.S.! 🙂
Yes, you are right! Have to keep on.
We follow your blog’s life too. Don’t stop 😉

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