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The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast March 1, 2008

Posted by tomography in education, Nuclear Medicine.

I love reading, but when podcasts came around I felt relieved. The fact that I can download and take along my favorite posts, lectures, news pieces and listen to them along my way is just great. But there are not many podcasts in the subject of diagnostic imaging. Unfortunately, organizations such the EANM, or journals such as the EJNM have not yet caught up with the new trend of web 2.0. They still have a lot to learn from websites such as the New England Journal of Medicine Online.
Fortunately, bloggers have solved that problem as well! I found a valuable blog on Blogspot that is dedicated solely to podcasts on nuclear medicine! Chech it out today, and sign up to their feed. It is well worth your time. You may download the full text of each podcast along with the mp3 file, and most podcasts have pictures of their topic included.

– Andras

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1. mjenk - January 6, 2009

I am interested in a career in nuclear medicine as a tech. My other choice is echocardiography. Can you give me any info/comparison on these two fields? Which has better future? salary? job security? THANK YOU!

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