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This one is for Keyose February 25, 2008

Posted by tomography in Blogroll, web 2.0.


I must make amends for a small mistake of mine, because today I got a comment on my post titled: Web 2.0: Keeping your health records online from the co-founder of Keyose, Dr. Julio Bonis Sanz (for your information he is renowned for documenting the first case of Wiitis.) If you have read my post then you know that I wrote about a couple companies that provide free storage space for your health records, so that they can be accessed from anywhere by whoever you give permission to, such as your doctor or other family members. It turns out that none of those companies do enough to give users what they need most: confidentiality. Why should we even care about this? Well, as a patient, whether you are healthy or not, you have the right to share your medical history with only those that you choose, and nobody else beyond that.

What does Keyose do in order to guarantee you confidentiality? For one you do not log-in with your email address, which as we all know, can be tied to people so easily. On the other hand, you can choose what type of information you allow your doctor to see when he/she logs in to check your records. And third, they do not collect personal information. How many Internet companies can say that with their right hands on their hearts? Not many, I am sure of that.

For more information check their website.



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