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Face/Off – Inside a CT and MRI scanner January 31, 2008

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CT and MRI scanners have been in use for a long time. They allow us to look inside the human body without even touching it. But have you ever wondered what is inside these machines? What lies beneath the futuristic white plastic casing? I performed a couple searches using some of the most popular search engines, but I could not come up with anything worth mentioning. I guess, its because this kind of information is sort of secret, and companies don’t usually put their machines on show without the casing. So I was about to give up trying, when I accidentally stumbled upon these two images on Flick’r. The first one shows the insides of an MRI scanner made by Philips. This photo was posted by FHefka. Take a good look at it, because this is a rare shot!


Te second one is yet another rare shot, but this time it is a CT scanner posted by thekidds. I could not download this image, so if you are curious about it, please follow this link:




1. Under the hood « Indulge in the fascinating world of - August 7, 2008

[…] I wrote a similar article back in January about a stripped down MRI scanner. You are welcome to read it here. […]

2. Søren - August 7, 2008

These images are truly amazing, and it is really interesting to see these machines with their skin off.
I had an encounter with a stripped-down MRI-scanner a while back, and it let to a quite interesting discussion on our blog Biomedicine on Display.

3. NIX74 - May 22, 2009

Inside of an MRI is not as fascinating compare to the inside of a CT. I know it cause I’m an engineer for this product. I just the technology in CT, simple yet powerful.

4. tomography - May 23, 2009

NIX74, why do you think inside of an MRI is not as fascinating as that of a CT scanner? I have never had to opportunity to see it for myself, but if you could explain, that’d be great!

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