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radRounds December 31, 2007

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine.


Check out radRounds.com, a social community site (similar to Facebook for example) created by radiologists for radiologists! Find people, job opportunities in your area, share ideas, discuss the latest topics or even tough cases. Membership is restricted, because you have to be a certified radiologist to join, but it is none the less a very useful tool. I have copy-pasted the following sentences from radrounds.com to illustrate their mission statements:

radRounds is a tool for radiologists. It was created by radiologists to help with clinical work and enriching one’s career. Some examples of uses might include:

  • Finding another radiologist who can help with an MR imaging sequence, job search, or tough case
  • Talking privately to an inside-connection about that practice you plan to join
  • Establishing a new collaboration to start a multi-center clinical trial
  • Leaving radiology and looking for an investment banking job
  • Searching for the dream job or hiring the dream candidate / future partner
  • Keeping in touch with alumni from your residency program and old friends from the RSNA
  • Discussing the latest topics and turf battles of radiology
  • Finding out the next time someone gives a lecture/CME on your area of interest
  • Starting your own (private or public) group or blog

and, above all, sharing one’s interests, expertise, and connections with others. radRounds will most rapidly improve with the help of the people who use it. Spread the word too and invite a fellow radiologist. We are currently in beta mode so by the way, suggestions and comments are all strongly encouraged.



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