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USEFUL online textbooks free of charge December 26, 2007

Posted by tomography in Nuclear Medicine.
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We all love free stuff, right? What is even better if that which is free also proves to be a great resource. Tomographyblog.com deals with issues shaping Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, so I went looking for such books , and found these on
scribd_logo_small.png .com:

A-Z of Emergency Radiology is for those who have taken radiology, therefore are in possession of the basics, but it can also be a great supplement for your studies if you happen to be studying radiology at the moment. For residents of Radiology it is a must have!

Basic Physics of Nuclear Medicine provides clear explanations of the mechanism behind the image capturing processes of nuclear medicine. It starts at the core of the atom, and finishes by explaining how some of the more intricate, but popular diagnostic tools work, such as PET, SPECT.



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2. Raine - October 27, 2008

Interesting to know.

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