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Colour X-ray December 8, 2007

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Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed a new x-ray imaging technique. This new method aims to create colour x-ray pictures 3D. The new technique developed by the Manchester team is called tomographic energy dispersive diffraction imaging (TEDDI). It requires a synchrotron radiation white X-ray source so it is capable of producing structure composition profiles with resolutions approaching 1 micron. Such a facility would be ideal for studying a whole range of problems in materials and engineering science.


Current imaging systems such as spiral CAT scanners do not use all the information contained in the X-ray beam. We use all the wavelengths present to give a colour X-ray image. This extra information can be used to fingerprint the material present at each point in a 3D image. – says Professor Cernik

Nice expectations on biomaterials. Distinguishing normal tissue from abnormal.

We have demonstrated a new prototype X-ray imaging system that has exciting possibilities across a wide range of disciplines including medicine, security scanning and aerospace engineering.

Yet the problem is time. To create a scan takes hours, but scientists believe that it will be reduced to just a few minutes. The method could be useful in specific tissue identification in humans or even identifying heroin, cocaine in freight; or could be useful at car and aerospace engineering showing whether welds are damaged or have too much strain. So reaching the medical line is not that close, but what is late does not go by.



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