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Solution to Picture of the week #7, and this week’s image. November 13, 2007

Posted by tomography in Picture of the week.


Pneumothorax is very painful and potentially life threatening. It may occur on the bases of several underlying diseases, but mostly due to trauma (e.g. broken ribs), rupture of an emphysematosus bulla, trans-thoracic fine needle biopsy, or as a result of artificial respiration. It is life threatening because it acutely diminishes lung capacity and causes the dislocation of the greater vessels. Most patients complain of a sharp, sudden pain and may become cyanotic very quickly. Dislocation of the mediastinum may result in insufficient cardiac output, and if blood circulation does not match demand, the patient may collapse or even die.

End here is this week’s image:


Starting next week, you will find 5 pictures per week under the “Quiz” page on the main menu. Please, email us your answers; do not write them on the comment section! This nuclear medicine quiz is going to last for 5 weeks, and it is open to everyone, but only students attending the University of Debrecen can earn extra points on their final exam. Good luck!



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