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X is for Ray November 8, 2007

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This day – Nov. 8. – in 1895, german physicist Wilhelm Roentgen is working in his laboratory in Würzburg when he accidentally discovers the X-ray.

Roentgen was conducting experiments with a Crookes tube — basically a glass gas bulb that gives off fluorescent light when a high voltage current is passed through it — when he noticed that that the beam cast a greenish fluorescent light on a screen nine feet away, despite the tube being shielded by heavy black cardboard.

Roentgen concluded, correctly, that he was dealing with a new kind of ray, one that cast the shadow of a solid object when passed through an opaque covering from its point of origin. Not knowing what kind of ray he was dealing with, exactly, led him to call it an X-ray. The name stuck.

This “X” earned him a noble prize in physics in 1901.

source: wired.com



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