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Tomographyblog.com mentioned on Tiromed.com! November 8, 2007

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A Comprehensive Medical Community There are several web based communities, where you can create your own profile, upload your photos, and find others who share your interests. But beyond Facebook, Iwiw, BeBo and such there are some that are tailored for professional users. One of these is Tiromed, which is aimed at people who are related to the medical field. If you are a physician, medical student, or even a pre-med student your place is at Tiromed! Here you may ask for a mentor, or even become one yourself. You can upload your CV, search for job opportunities in your community and beyond, or even find people that you can collaborate with on your research. Tiromed is for everyone regardless of where you are attenting school, or your diploma.

So I had joined Tiromed a little while ago, and later I was asked by one of the founders, Max Sanel , if I’d be interested in being featured on their TiromedSpotlight. Certainly, I said yes, and embedded in my profile is the name of our blog, tomographyblog.com! 🙂 Check out the writing, but hurry it is only available until next week.



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